Apr 23 2014

The End is Nearing: Micro-Robots are Building Stuff Now

SRImicrorobotsThis is one on many tiny robots bent on taking over the world. Seeing as how they are smaller than the tip of your finger you might be tempted to disbelieve that they are a real threat. But let me remind you of that ant hill you laid in last summer when you were trying to scrape that dead squirrel out of your wheel well. Yeah, lots of tiny things working together can make for a bad day for humans.

These robots are trained to move around following magnets. They can be programmed to work by themselves or in teams. Right now they’re building tiny trusses, but I’m not sure why. I’m guessing it’s scaffolding that they will be using when they start practicing their billion-bot gymnastics routine where they’ll all pile up into the shape of a human. That’s how they always do it. So I’m going to start watching for that.

Here’s the code word. If you ever need to verify that the person you are talking to is a human and not a huge pile of microscopic robots, ask them to say otolaryngology If they can do it without having to pause or stumble over their tongue then you know that they are either a robot or a otolaryngologist. Neither should be trusted.

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Apr 23 2014

Finally: Rainbow Farting Unicorn Cake

unicorn-farting-a-rainbow-cake-1If there is thing that doesn’t get enough government funding it is unicorn related research. How is it that there aren’t unicorns on every zoo? And why don’t we know how they fart rainbows? And when they sneeze glitter, how do they do that? “You missed the first part where he was snorting glitter on a dare.” Dang I would pay to see that.

Natalie of Sideserf Cake Studio made this so-called “Unicorn Farting Rainbow” cake, and despite the “farty” nature of the sweet treat, it actually looks pretty fantastic. The level of detail is impressive: I mean, doesn’t the unicorn look a little relieved to you? Now that’s art right there.

Someone named Valerie is about to have the best 40th birthday ever. Now, let us all speculate as to what her actual age is. I’m given to understand that women’s birthdays come at longer and longer intervals after the age of 23.

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Apr 23 2014

That was Close: Senator Nearly Hit by Train During Saftey Talk


If you ever needed someone to do something dumb you need look no further than your closest politician. Case in point…

United States Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) was nearly struck by a speeding train during a press conference on Friday — at a conference about commuter safety, no less.

The conference, which was held on a Metro-North train platform in Milford, Conn., was meant to draw attention to an overhaul in Metro-North safety. But it ended up being a dangerous situation itself.

On the train’s part, they were clearly standing way to close to the edge of the platform. That 18 inch wide yellow like is the safety zone. Those things are there for a reason. The biggest disappointment is how no one reached out of the windows of the train as it sped by and slapped him with a tennis racket.

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Apr 23 2014

Becoming Wolverine: 3D Printed Cast with Healing Ultrasound

3D cast1Ok quiz time. What is Wolverine’s power? Fast regeneration or healing. Everybody knows that. Now for bonus points how reckless would you me if you knew that you would only have to wear the cast for two days? Probably wouldn’t change me much. I’m already just so reckless. But that’s not the point.

The point is that if you could wear a cast to stabilize your failed bone structure while you also treated it with ultrasound could heal you all kinds of fast.

A washable cast with open spaces also means that you’re not going to stink like week-old roadkill two days into your treatment. With daily 20-minute ultrasound treatments, broken bones could be healed 38 to 80 percent quicker, depending on the injury. That’s a whole heck of a lot of improvement, so we’re very hopeful that ultrasonic 3D printed casts make it out of the prototype phase soon.

An 80 percent improvement in healing time seems significant. If you just had one more dentist to agree with you then you wouldn’t have to feel any guilt about rounding up to 100 after only asking 6 dentists.

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Apr 22 2014

Fooom, You Just Blew My Mind: Balloon in a Car Breaks Physics

jthrvtcr4l5nlcepxdnsSo physics, amiright? It’s pretty much the most confusing thing in this world. Aside from trying to set up email on an iPad. Compared to that Quantum Entanglement is as clear-cut as a cheese sandwich.

Here’s Dustin from Smarter Every Day using his magical powers to make a balloon accelerate along with him in his minivan. Instead of flying backwards like every single other thing in the vehicle this balloon accelerates. Without looking it up, do you know why?


It actually makes complete sense once it is explained. “It is witchcraft isn’t it.” A little bit yes. Mostly no. I’ll give you a hint it has to do with how balloons float and you don’t. Think about it, but don’t hurt yourself. Watch the video.

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Apr 22 2014

So, how’d he get out of it? Dog Called to Jury Duty

dog_2885013bThis is IV, pronounced Ivy, and she’ll be number 8 in the jury of your peers. Rough break on how you’re being brought up on charges of animal cruelty and cat favoritism. Hey, you brought this on yourself.

A German Shepherd has been called for jury duty in the US, leaving its owners rather bemused.

Last week IV Griner recieved a jury summons from Cumberland County court in New Jersey.

“I’m wondering like, What is this? Something from the county office about her vaccinations or something? Like, why is my dog getting mail?”

Apparently this is a common problem, the computer screwing up and sending summons to wrong people of spelling their names wrong. Things like that. I have to assume it’s less often that they go through the per registration records and pull jurors from there.

Sounds like this isn’t the first time this has happened either. “In 2011, a cat named Sal Esposito got a jury duty notice after his owners, a couple from Boston, listed him on the 2010 Census as a household member.”

I hope that they were taxed accordingly. I’m sorry, you can’t claim them as a dependent if they’re not on their first life, says so right here.

Apr 22 2014

Minor Diffences: Artist Corrupts Coloring Books

IMG_20140414_0142501Do you ever purposefully color outside the lines? I don’t. I have a hard enough time keeping inside the lines to begin with if I let myself start coloring outside them who knows what could happen? I mean, the world could end. You don’t know.

Over at Coloring Book Corruptions they’re not so worried about bringing on the end of the world. Which is good. I think we’ve come to the point where it would be best if we could just get it over with. Don’t ya think?

Joking aside, and on the other side too, I’m very impressed with the work done here. Clean lines, bright colors. It’s like well done graffiti on grade-F paper. Why are coloring books done on that grey paper anyway? If I stop getting them at the dollar store could I find ones that come on some nice 24# bright white?

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Apr 22 2014

So Lonely: Dogs Home Alone

1Do you ever wonder what your dog does when he’s home alone without you? Maybe you just hope he’s not humping absolutely everything. Which he absolutely is. Well Maija Astikainen decided to ruin her own experiment and stay home to take pictures of dogs being home alone.

She is calling the set One-Dog Policy and it really makes me wish I had a dog. Even if I just had one dog. I promise to take good care of it and play with it every day. But I will not clean up its poop. I don’t live in New York. I believe dog poop is meant to be left where it was deposited.

Now if I could just figure out what the wife does while she’s home alone all day. Whatever it is it’s crazy expensive and it wastes a lot of gas. I suspect she’s a drug dealer. But not a good one because she never comes out ahead at the end of the month. All the druggy neighbors really like her though.

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Apr 21 2014

Want: Tiny Robotic Printer

printerIf you’ve ever had to set up your own or help anyone else with theirs you know that printers are the absolute worst technology on the planet. Everything about them is horrible. The ink is expensive, the software either doesn’t work or hijacks your whole computer, they constantly get paper jams because their paper tray doesn’t line up with the body straight, their little paper-grabber rollers get dusty and won’t grab the paper so you have to feed the pages in one by one while you try to print off 25 handouts for a class project that you for a class that you shouldn’t have to take anyway because it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING YOU WILL EVER DO AGAIN IN YOUR WHOLE LIFE.

But I digress. Even if printers are awful I still appreciate a new idea or a new take on technology. Which is what we have here.

The Mini Mobile Robotic Printer is just what it sounds like. It’s a small robotic printer. Right now it’s a Kickstarter project but it has already hit its funding goals so hopefully that means it will be a real thing sometime early next year.

The little printer is portable so you can take it with you and set it on any paper you want it to print on. Seems like this will be endlessly useful for those who have large blueprints to print or edit and don’t want to invest thousands of dollars into a plotter.  So now I’m saving my pennies so I can get one for myself.

Hit the jump for a video.

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Apr 21 2014

Your Parents Must be Proud: Kurt Coleman, the World’s Vainest Boy

Kurt-Coleman_2886824bWhen most sane people are described as narcissistic they usually take offense. Some people though, they thank the haters and then go home and look up narcissism, then they direct message the hatter on twitter to thank them for the comparison to an ancient Greek beauty.

Kurt Coleman is one of these people. And that’s hilarious.

Kurt has compared his pictures to the perfection of a lunar eclipse…

“I’m hot and I love myself,” Kurt said. “People are really jealous of me, I can understand why, and I’ll never change for anyone because I love myself.”

He also describes himself as the ‘Australian Paris Hilton’, whom he idolises [sic] because “she doesn’t care about anything, she just does what she wants”.

When asked to share the secrets of his good looks, Kurt informed Studio 10, “every week I get a spray-tan and then I wash my hair every day…I just try and look amazing every day”.

Is it just me or is every part of what I just read gross? That Paris Hilton part, HA, it’s easy not to care what people think when you don’t think at all yourself. The best part is how he lives in Australia and yet gets a spray tan every week. I was under the impression that you can’t help but be tan in Australia. The sun is up all night there.

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