5 Tolkien Characters too Big for the Big Screen

tolkien5I’ve had this theory for a while that some movies don’t adequately communicate the terror of the monsters simply due to the shear size of said monsters. People just can’t wrap their minds around a creature that trips on 700 foot sky scrapers in the same way they trip on a coffee table.

Think about it. How frightened were you by the Kaiju in Pacific Rim, or the monster in Clover Field, King Kong, or which ever iteration of Godzilla you last saw? My guess is that none of these were too unsettling to you. Now picture the last creatures that have scared you, zombies, viruses, rabid bunnies. All things that we can more easily wrap our minds around.

As problematic as it might be to have such a large, terrible creature in your story that doesn’t meant that authors are going to stop writing about them. Which is great because I love reading about them. Some authors, like Tolkien specialized in monsters of unfathomable size. As cool as it might be to see these envisioned in film I hope it never happens.

Hit the jump for Tolkien’s top 5.


Morgoth, the First Dark Lord
Other Titles: The Great Enemy, The Corrupter, The Black Foe
Size: He’s the Middle-earth equivalent of a god, so whatever he’s feeling that day.

Other Titles: Spirit of Evil, Spider of Night
Size: Ginormous.

tolkien3Gothmog, Lord of Balrogs
Other Titles: High Captain of Angband
Size: About 20 feet of flame-wreathed evil.

tolkien4Glaurung, Father of Dragons
Other Titles: The Deciever, The Great Worm, The Golden
Size: Gargantuan

tolkien5Ancalagon the Black
Other Titles: Rushing Jaws
Size: See above picture. *actual size

Thanks to Reese who has never had trouble finding the terror in a movie monster of any size.