A Boy, His Dog, and the Zombie Apocalypse

stanleyWho’s excited for the zombie apocalypse? I am. Just this weekend I spent some quality time honing my marksmanship and caloric intake skills. Since those are two of the most important skills to have for when the sh*t hits the fan I proclaim this a weekend well wasted.

In most zombie apocalypse stories, the protagonist is focused on their own survival. But in the short film Steadfast Stanley, a loyal Corgi just wants to reunite with the boy he loves.

Third year CalArts student John Cody Kim made Steadfast Stanley with its wonderfully scribbly zombies. He even got a real Corgi to provide some of the voice talent.

I’ve never understood why you don’t see more people with dogs in zombie apocalypse situations. They are endlessly useful. If you train them at all. They’re good companionship, good protection, a source of warmth for the cold nights, and a source of entertainment the rest of the time. I think if more people would adopt a dog or 4 to hang out with their roving band of renegade survivalists the moral of the rest of the still-living world would be much higher.

Hit the jump for the video.