Mar 28 2014

A Man and his Organ: Star Wars Theme Played on a Huge Pipe Organ

organThis is Jelani Eddington and he’s busy playing the Main Title from the Star Wars Symphonic Suite on a Sanfilippo Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ. As you can see the organ itself is impressive. It has 5 keyboards and more foot pedals, buttons, and switches than the space shuttle.

What’s even more impressive, to me at least, is that this particular organ doesn’t just do the pipe organ thing. Somehow it’s rigged up to play other instruments too. Maybe it’s a common thing for a giant, fancy pipe organ to have its own gong. I’m not sure. But I am impressed.

If you want to be impressed too. Watch the video. If not, why do you hang out with me? I’m bound to impress you sooner or later.

Hit the jump for the video.

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