About What I’d Expect: Crystal Head Vodka Face


Forensic artist and Crystal Head Vodka fan Nigel used his skills to imagine what the spirit’s trademark skull bottle would look like if it had flesh and skin.
As it turns out it’s a happy hippie, or possibly an English teacher. He’s happy because, Vodka and he’s a hippie out of pure artistic vision. I’m not sure that there are actually markers on a crystal skull to indicate how people wear their hair. And if there are I haven’t seen it on CSI yet so It can’t really be a thing.
I consider facial reconstruction in both the medical and forensics fields to be one of the most terrifying things in the world. Flesh rotting off a bone is one thing but when you stick it back on it’s just uncanny. I know it serves a valuable purpose but If you ever find my skull you’re not allowed to reconstruct my face, I don’t want you to mess up and miss some of my manliness. Just throw it on the pile with the rest.
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