Alien Ghost: Mars Rover Catches an Unexplained Flash of Light


If there’s one thing that would make me happy about the whole Mars Rover program it would be if they found a Martian. Just some little grey-green man walking around naked trying to remember which rock he left his sandwich under. Maybe he wears a straw hat, I don’t know, but that would really just put everything into an uproar. Uproars are my favorite.

A bright flash of light photographed by NASA’s Curiosity rover has sent the Web into a frenzy, with many bloggers speculating it could be a sign of intelligent light.

Ben Biggs, editor of All About Space magazine, said: “While the “light” is as yet unexplained, it’s quite a leap to assume that it has an intelligent source.

Now that we’ve had a week to look at the image I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s either an Alien Ghost (see the title of the post) or more likely, it’s some bored wizard’s patronus charm. I don’t see anyone offering that speculation yet. So when old Jim Higglesbottom comes out to tell everyone that he just did it because he could and that’s his meerkat patronus you’ll know. Just wait, you’ll see I’m right.


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