Almost Too Sweet: How to make Unicorn Barf

unicorn barf

The obvious answer to “How to make a unicorn barf?” is to punch it in the uvula. Then you might wonder if unicorns even have a uvula to punch. I know that horses almost physically cannot throw up due to the strength of their throat muscles. So I would guess that unicorns are about the same. So we have to find another way.

Thanks to Instructables user Danger is my middle name we now have their version of what unicorn barf would be like. As you might expect, it’s magical. But you didn’t expect that the magic involved was leprechaun magic obtained from the copious use of cereal marshmallows.

The ingredients are pretty simple marshmallows, cereal marshmallows, and butter. Surprisingly, no glitter or sprinkles, but I’m sure you can adapt the recipe to your liking. What more could you ask for in a treat. One simple request, when you make this recipe, send me some.