An Age of Gargoyle Disney Princesses


DeviantArtist briannacherrygarcia decided it was time to get in on this wonderful Disney princess re-envision-ment trend that’s been going around. You should remember her from the My Little Raptor set she came up with. Her take on it was making Gargoyles of the girls. You all remember the show Gargoyles? Yeah me too, I remember not watching it. It was on at the same time as Aladdin, so I wasn’t having any of it. But now I can have both, see above.

Never before have you thought that a gargoyle could be beautiful. After all, they are supposed to be grotesque, but you know stone carvers, they have to love what they create too. If they don’t then you have to pay them too much and castle builders were just as much about getting a good deal as interior designers are now. That and subservient labor,  neither of those groups can get enough of that sweet, sweet subservient labor.

I’ve never been so sure as I am now that having a tail would be really inconvenient. At least as long as I’m still required to wear pants. As soon as we drop that societal obligation I’m all for tails.

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