Animal World Problems: Lion Cub gets Head Stuck in Dead Buffalo’s Butt

lionSome days are just not your day. You wake up and think everything is copacetic and then you step in some mystery puddle on your way to the kitchen. Then you can never get the shower to just the right temperature so you shower in a lava-hot scalding shower because you’re not about to have it to cold. Then you spend the time to make yourself a nice drink to take with you on your drive to work and leave it sitting on the table. And then it rains so you can’t even go out at lunch time and get away from your smelly office for a while.

Or maybe you’re a lion cub and you get your head stuck in the butt of a dead buffalo you are trying to make a meal of. Either way.

The latter is what we have here. Check out the video to see some poor cub with nothing but farts to breath while he has his head stuck up the hind end of his families’ lunch. The best part? The fact that the rest of the pride gives exactly zero shits about the situation and just keeps doing their own thing.

Hit the jump for the video.