May 13 2014

Are Walls Terrain? Mountain Bike Goes Horizontal

horizontalLook at the image above and think back to the last time you fond yourself in a similar situation. How did it turn out? I’m guessing it ended with road rash, a mouth full or dirt and perhaps even a trip to the hospital. That’s how it would have ended for me at least.

Well, if you’re Matt Hunter or one of the team at Specialized you don’t look at this image and see a blooper reel. You see a challenge. They wanted to show just what kind of corners a mountain bike could take. As it turns out, if you’re crazy-talented and brave, and you’re willing to give it a few tries, you can make just about any turn you want to.

So that’s what they did. The team went out and carved a nice turn in the side of the hill so that Matt could try to make the turn with the bike horizontal. The results are very impressive.

Hit the jump for the video.

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