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They All Look Like Me: “Real Life” Disney Princes

Artist Jirka Väätäinen Design has blessed the world with these awesome paintings of the Disney Princes as they would look in real life. I don’t know where Jirka got all these pictures of me to adapt but I’m going to change by Dropbox password right now just in case. It’s nice to see the princes …

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Burn Down the Forest: New “Dementor” Wasp Discovered

So you all know about wasps right? They’re those little flying bastards that can sting you multiple times without dying. And they bite. And they’ll fill your car doors with terror if you leave for the weekend. And they will not hesitate to eat your face if your give them half a chance. Well this …

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Happy Star Wars Day

As I’m sure you are all aware today is Star Wars day. Do you know what that means? It means you survived another year and got to use the date as a pun once more. Oh, what a wonderful time to be alive. How are you all celebrating? Let’s all get together and cook up …

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I Got a Book, You Should Get a Book

Several weeks ago I was contacted by the folks at Trend Hunter asking if I’d like to do an interview with them about Uncanny Flats and in return they’d send me a book written by their CEO. This is that book and my thoughts on it. The purpose of Better and Faster is to “make …

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There You Have It: Toilet Paper Rolls Over the Top

In a landmark discovery that anyone with any motivation could have found but no one did, Owen Williams went right to the source to find out exactly how toilet paper is supposed to roll. He looked up the patent for the toilet paper roll and you can see that toilet paper is meant to roll …

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Want: Life-Sized Hulk Buster For Sale

If you’re still in need of that one piece to top off your Avenger’s collection or if you just hit the tax return jackpot and need a way to keep those awful relatives of yours off the lawn then do I have a deal for you.   Beast Kingdom Toys is selling a life-size version …

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Apple is Teaching iPhones to Roll Over

It’s been a while amiright? Yeah, sorry about that. Life you know. Anyway… Some time ago Apple applied for a patent to help their iPhones to “fall like a cat.” I know what you’re thinking, well no I don’t but here’s what I’m thinking, why would you want your phone to flail about and scratch …

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Merry Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good fight.

Remove One Letter From a Movie Title and Make All Things Better

Artist austindlight spent the month of October drawing up movies as they would appear were they missing a single letter in the title. If UncannyFlats were missing a single letter it would probably end up as UncannyFats and I would have to start selling pool tables with warped surfaces. I’m going to post the whole …

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Your Daily Dose of Ships Crashing

Some days are just the worst. Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep. Maybe you forgot to get gas the night before so now you have to stop on the way to work. Maybe you turned on the wrong burner and cooked an oven mitt instead of your eggs. One way or another you just know …

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