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Hubble is 23? Who knew?

To celebrate it’s 23 birthday today the Hubble telescope decided to do what any other 23 year old would do, take pictures of stuff you’ve already taken pictures of. In this case the subject was the Horsehead nebula that lives in my favorite constellation, Orion. This time around though the Hubble had some help from …

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It was bound to happen: Disney Sloth Princesses

Because everyone Disney princesses, and lately the internet has fallen for sloths as well, artist Phillip Light came up with these sloth version of Disney princesses. Or course it’s an article like this that brings me up to date. I had no idea that the Merida girl from Brave was considered a Disney Princess. I …

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To get things movin’: Durex unveils Fundawear

Just the kind of stuff you want to show off at work, so gather you buddies and bosses and pay attention. Today Durex Australia posted a video to their YouTube channel of a couple trying their new line of underwear, ‘Fundawear’. As interesting as it might be to watch it really gave me pause to …

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