Bad News: Semi Backs Over Car and Into House

semiIn sucks-to-be-you news, yesterday morning in Bountiful, Utah a semi truck carrying almost 90,000 pounds of sand lost power while driving up a steep hill. The truck then proceeded to roll backwards off the road, over the curb, across a lawn, over a car, finally coming to rest smashed into a garage.

Homeowner Bill Bymaster, who has lived at the house for 20 years, said he was working on his computer when the crash occurred.

“(The driver) wasn’t able to get the truck into gear, felt that he had lost his differential and started to roll backwards. He attempted to apply the brakes, the brakes failed and rolled backwards into the home,” Bountiful Police Sgt. Andrew Bryson said.

Fortunately, no one was injured and no other cars were damaged.

Wanna know the best part? The car that was smashed, was sold the day before. That’s the definition of “that sux bro.”

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Thanks to Bo who knows that when you sell a car you get that sucker off the lot as quickly as possible. If you don’t you’re more likely to have an out of control truck carrying 45 tons of golf course sand smash your car.