Badass Michonne Barbie will Murder Classic Barbie

michonne-barbie-1Flickr user Peewee Parker created this custom-made Michonne doll from The Walking Dead. She looks like she’d sneak up on Barbie’s Dream House and take it as her own. All the blood on the walls would hurt the resale value but parking the convertible out front will attract a lot of buyers anyway.

It’s about time someone disemboweled Ken, it’s not like he’s going to help protect you from the zombies. Keep Barbie as your own personal slave if that strikes your fancy but let’s rid the world of this Ken character. As bad of a role model as Barbie might be to little girls. Ken is worse for everyone.

It’s just that Ken can’t ever seem to keep his clothes on in public. Have you ever Googled the guy? He is at least partially disrobed in 90% of those photos.

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