Because Canada: Man Rescues Baby Moose and takes it to a Coffee Shop

mooseIf you’re never experienced a moose then you are really missing out. Moose are one of natures running jokes. They’re the gangly teenagers of the big-game world. From the moment they’re born until the moment they die they spend all their time trying to grow into their long legs and knobbly knees. As you can see, this doesn’t stop the babies from being so cute that you just want to squeeze them until they crap on you.

A man in Ontario, Canada found a baby moose on the side of a highway and took it to a coffee shop before dropping it off at a wild life sanctuary.

It was a sign of a real Canadian experience to have both of the iconic symbols at once.

Ok, now I’m confused. I understand taking it to a coffee shop if your intention is to show it off to your buddies before you take it to the wild life sanctuary, but what is that thing about “both iconic symbols?” I thought Canada’s symbols were things like maple leaves and Mounties and other things that start with the letter M. Are coffee shops iconic Canadian symbols? If so you should be ashamed of yourselves Canada.

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