Because They Can: Luke Skywalker’s Silly Pose Photoshopped

luke-skywalker-bts-1Let me show you an image. This one up there. You see it? If you were to run across this one day while browsing the Internet what would you do. Probably just hit Stumble again and not give it another thought. Well some people on the Reddit decided to take it one step further and apply some Photoshop.

Working from the silly pose Mark Hamill apparently pulled behind the scenes one day they’ve made a pretty funny set of images portraying what was going on inside his head at the time.

What’s going on in my head? The Meow-Mix song. All day every day. Don’t ask me what I’m thinking or you may be forced to listen.

Hit the jump for my favorites.

luke-skywalker-bts-header luke-skywalker-bts-2 luke-skywalker-bts-6 luke-skywalker-bts-3 luke-skywalker-bts-5 luke-skywalker-bts-4 luke-skywalker