Because This is the Internet: Jurassic Park Theme Performed by Goats

goatGoats are one of those animals that the internet loves. Especially those fainting goats. But not feinting goats, I’ll tell you why. Because goats are already untrustworthy. I mean, how can you trust an animal that has shifty eyes without having to actually shift its eyes. It’s just, uncanny.

Someone with vision and some free time has taken some of that free time and put it to work for your entertainment. The result is the Jurassic Park theme song as performed by goats. There’s a setting your keyboard doesn’t have. Farts and dogs barking can’t cut it in all situations.

Remember when Jurassic Park came out? It was pretty much the most amazing thing you’d ever seen at the time and you could bask in the ignorance of all the problems with the film for years because the Internet was hardly even a thing then for haters to pick apart every little problem with the film like they do now. Just let me enjoy it for a while and then you can have it, please just give me that.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Cody who didn’t suggest this article but I know he would have a yard full of goats if he wasn’t so considerate of his neighbors.