Becoming Wolverine: 3D Printed Cast with Healing Ultrasound

3D cast1Ok quiz time. What is Wolverine’s power? Fast regeneration or healing. Everybody knows that. Now for bonus points how reckless would you me if you knew that you would only have to wear the cast for two days? Probably wouldn’t change me much. I’m already just so reckless. But that’s not the point.

The point is that if you could wear a cast to stabilize your failed bone structure while you also treated it with ultrasound could heal you all kinds of fast.

A washable cast with open spaces also means that you’re not going to stink like week-old roadkill two days into your treatment. With daily 20-minute ultrasound treatments, broken bones could be healed 38 to 80 percent quicker, depending on the injury. That’s a whole heck of a lot of improvement, so we’re very hopeful that ultrasonic 3D printed casts make it out of the prototype phase soon.

An 80 percent improvement in healing time seems significant. If you just had one more dentist to agree with you then you wouldn’t have to feel any guilt about rounding up to 100 after only asking 6 dentists.

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Printed Cast2 printed cast4 printed cast5 printed cast3