Best Cucumber Ever: Food Cleverly Disguised as Food

veg-2If there is one vegetable I hate it’s the cucumber. Few things can ruin a sandwich or a salad as quickly as throwing in some cucumber slices. Oddly though pickles, I love. I guess that means cucumbers are okay so long as they taste nothing like what they once were.

In this fun series of painted objects titled “It’s not what it seems” by artist Hikaru Cho, common foods are transformed with deftly applied acrylic paints to look like other foods. A banana is turned into a near photo-realistic cucumber, a tomato becomes a tangerine, and even an egg is made into a glistening eggplant.

Maybe parents could take a lesson from what Cho’s doing here. Disguise bad foods as good foods (like vegetarians try to do with TVP) in an attempt to get picky children to eat them. Of course, you are just as likely to cause the kid to hate the good food as much as they do the bad food and then you’re stuck with a diet of Ho Hos and Grape Soda.

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