Best LEGO Set Ever: The Simpsons LEGO Set

ku-xlargeYou know my feelings on The Simpsons, it used to be one of the best things on television, but then it went downhill, and crashed at the bottom, and caught fire, and began to spew radioactive waste on the surrounding countryside. Did you watch last night’s episode? Garbage, complete burning-radioactive garbage.

Luckily for those of us who have lost faith, LEGO has finally come out with the first of their Simpsons’ LEGO Sets. Now we can act out our own episodes and become YouTube sensations. Then get sued for some aspect of our creation only to see our episode show up on the show three weeks later.  And it will all be worth it because it will be the best episode since 2007.

You go out and buy the set and I’ll come help build it.