Best Use Yet: Ford Fiesta Transformer

hetain-patel-fiesta-transformer-e1382118554852Everyone has fond memories of their first car. If they don’t then they didn’t appreciate it enough, like that kid who drove a ’63 Sting Ray in high school. if you were that kid, I hate you and your parents.

UK-based artist Hetain Patel‘s first car was a 1988 Ford Fiesta handed down from his father. In his first sculptural work, a collaboration with his father and brother, he reconstructs a similar vehicle into a Transformer-like figure.

That is an acceptable fate for a Ford Fiesta or any first car. I know I would have loved to keep mine around, but the people around here seem to think letting a car rust in your front yard is higher art than transforming it into a huge man-eating pile of steel, and rubber, and tetanus would be. Philistines.

The nice part about using this particular model is that you can pick it up and move it around by yourself. I have always been willing to help friends push their Fiesta back out of a snow drift. It’s one of the few times when it’s easier to move the car than the drift.

Hit the jump for more shots and a video.

hetains-first-fiesta transformer-in-warehouse hetain-and-his-father