Boom, Headshot: NERF Sniper Rifle


First let me say this, if your parents bought you NERF guns as a child I hate you. That being said, you can still be my friend so long as you let me play with your NERF guns when I come over. As you might guess, I never had one. Even if I did I wouldn’t have been able to keep the darts. My dogs have always loved foam of that particular density.

NERF has just come out with a new rifle, this one boasting a range of 100 feet. If you need an idea of how far that is, it’s 30 yards. The length of your average field goal. It’s also about 10 times as far as your average NERF gun will shoot.

What this means is that your average child is now encouraged to become a camper. Instead of running around the yard shooting wildly at each other from close range there’s going to be that one fat kid hiding behind the garbage car picking people off. I’m so jealous of him.

Hit the jump for a closeup.


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