Both Funny and Mean: LEGO Millennium Falcon Prank

7965After one friend spent the whole day putting together his LEGO Millennium Falcon, his (now former) friends spent a good part of the night taking it back apart, and putting it back in the box. All for the sole purpose of filming the builder’s reaction when he see’s what they’ve done.

Luckily for the friend doesn’t beat them to death or feed them the pieces of the wrecked project like I would have. Or maybe I would have spread LEGOs all over the floor and forced them into a barefoot-goosestep across the field of pain. That’d teach them.

Also in the video they say this place is an office, where do they work and are they hiring? I want to work somewhere where I can spend two days putting together a LEGO Millennium Falcon.

Hit the jump for the video.