Brilliant: Dad Creates Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet Lego Set

invisible-jet-editHave you ever wondered how any one thing could be the most simple thing in the world and the most difficult at the same time? I did until I started offering technical support over the phone. One brilliant dad had an idea that did both.

Animator John Wray is setting the bar high when it comes to being a dad and a Lego fan with the photos he recently shared on Reddit.

Wray detailed the hard work and dedication that went into building the new Ultimate Collector’s Series Invisible Jet and took us all along for the ride.

Ha, how genius is that? An invisible Lego set would be so easy because who’s gonna know when you screw up. But then when you get to building and obsessing and you realize that you’ve lost one invisible piece and you can’t make the wings even and there is just no consoling you for the rest of the evening. Or maybe that’s just me.

Hit the jump for the story in photos.

invisible-jet invisible-jet-2 invisible-jet-3 invisible-jet-4 invisible-jet-5 invisible-jet-6