Burn Down the Forest: New “Dementor” Wasp Discovered

dementorSo you all know about wasps right? They’re those little flying bastards that can sting you multiple times without dying. And they bite. And they’ll fill your car doors with terror if you leave for the weekend. And they will not hesitate to eat your face if your give them half a chance.

Well this one is worse. They’re calling it the Dementor Wasp

A “soul-sucking wasp” is among 139 species recently discovered in south-east Asia.

Named Ampulex dementor, it steals its prey’s “free will”, paralysing it with a sting before eating it alive.

Visitors to Berlin’s natural history museum chose the name of the wasp in honour of the dementor characters from the Harry Potter series who steal people’s souls.

The dementor wasp preys on cockroaches, injecting a venom into their belly that turns the roach into a “passive zombie”, according to WWF.

Although the cockroach is capable of movement, it cannot direct it’s own body, allowing the wasp to drag it to a safe place before eating it.

In good news the habitat of this wasp is under threat. Isn’t that great? This may be the one time in the history of the universe that a creature’s habitat being destroyed would benefit the world at large.