Burning Alcohol Looks like a Brain

Aurora05There is probably some cosmic joke behind this but it turns out that a plume of burning alcohol vapor looks a lot like a human brain. This could probably be used in one of those anti drug and alcohol commercials but you’ll have to talk to the guys in marketing to get more details on that.

The plume from an exploding bomb. Black and white flowers. X-Rays of a human brain cortex. These all seem like valid guesses when looking at this new series of photos by Fabian Oefner, but the truth is more amazing: it’s fire. To create the photos Oefner added a few drops of alcohol into a large glass vessel and waited for the fumes to fill the void. He then ignited the gas and managed to capture these fleeting images as the fire consumed the interior of the vessel.

For me this is more along the lines of, Ooh! Look at the pretty fire. For some reason I always end up with burned fingers after I say that. The doctor says eventually we’ll find a connection.

Hit the jump for more shots and a video.

Aurora01 Aurora02 Aurora03 Aurora04 Aurora06 Aurora07