Canadian Couple Captures Bigfoot, On Film


A Canadian couple out for a hike has done it. They finally caught Bigfoot on film. Maybe. It’s hard to tell because the video is grainy and shot from a long way off. Of course some of us just think that Bigfoot is a blurry guy. If he wasn’t blurry we’d call him Chewbacca.

Although filmed from a distance, it is possible to make out the figure emerging from behind a tree. It is visible for around 20 seconds, before appearing to punch a few leaves out of the way and disappearing out of sight.

According to crypto-zoology website ‘Legend Tracker’, the couple were on a hiking holiday when they spotted the mythical creature in the distance and began to film.

As much as I would like to see the existence of Bigfoot finally proved beyond a doubt I don’t think this video is going to do it. I see some holes in the story. For example they say they were on a “hiking holiday.” No one in North America goes on a holiday to hike, we hike to survive.

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