Cat Fight: Family Trapped by Rampaging Pet Kitty

catThis is Lux. Lux is a 22 pound house cat that recently snapped and destroyed a village trapped his family in a bedroom. The story goes that the cat scratched a baby’s face and the father of the family spanked the cat to get it away from the infant. After the spanking the cat lost it and began hissing and charging the family. This resulted in the family, including the dog, hiding in a bedroom and calling the police for help.

The police eventually showed up tot he families Portland, Oregon apartment to find the cat hiding on top of the fridge, presumably waiting to take down a cop or two. They captured the cat with a dog snare and ended the stand-off.

Now the biggest question is what to do with the cat. The family has had him for years and likes him for some reason so they’re hesitant to get rid of him. What shouldn’t be in question is what to do with the dog. He’s obviously defective if he can’t protect the family from a cat, so I say it’s time to upgrade to a more useful model.

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