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May 28 2014

Want: Printed Pancake Breakfast

How cool would it be if you could pick the shape of your pancakes to be anything under the sun. All of my pancakes look like the sun itself. Kinda round and burning so hot you can’t touch them or even look directly at them. Miguel Valenzuela built this PancakeBot which can be programmed to …

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May 12 2014

Time Waster: 3D Mastodon Bones

Sometimes two seemingly unrelated technologies come together in such a way that you can easily wast a whole day playing with the results. This is one of those times. So before you get too far into this be sure to send the link to your boss to so he can play with it and you …

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May 02 2014

There’s a Thought: 3D Printing Felt Toys

3D printing aka additive manufacturing, laying down knowledge, has been around for a while now. So every time I’m less and less surprised to hear that someone is printing in a new material. Plastic is still the most common but metals are getting up there and printers even work in chocolate and straight sugar now. …

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Apr 23 2014

Becoming Wolverine: 3D Printed Cast with Healing Ultrasound

Ok quiz time. What is Wolverine’s power? Fast regeneration or healing. Everybody knows that. Now for bonus points how reckless would you me if you knew that you would only have to wear the cast for two days? Probably wouldn’t change me much. I’m already just so reckless. But that’s not the point. The point …

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Mar 28 2014

Not Creepy at All: Anitomical 3D Self-Portrait

It’s the eyes that do it. A skull without eyes if just a wholesome piece of pirate memorabilia, but when you stick the eyeballs in those sockets you just plunge right to the depths of the uncanny valley. Chicago-based artist Joshua Harker recently unveiled this 3D-printed sculptural self-portrait titled 21st Century Self-Portrait. Harker utilized a …

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Mar 25 2014

Good News: We can 3D Print Faces from DNA

A while back I told you about an artist who was collecting DNA to use in creating 3D faces for an art installation. Of course, the law can’t keep their long arms out of things so now they’re trying to use the technology to 3D print mug shots from DNS they find at crime scenes. …

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Mar 07 2014

Makes My Skin Crawl: 3D Printed Blouse

This one really triggers my trypophobia so I won’t blame you if you skip it. I know I won’t be coming back. Lim Kae Woei and Elena Low, of Melbourne based XYZ Workshop, have been awarded the top prize in an international 3D printed fashion competition. To create the pattern, the designers started by making …

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Jan 08 2014

Print Me a Cake: 3D Printed Food

With CES going on this week in Las Vegas (there’s still time to send me an invitation guys) we’re seeing a lot of news on 3D printing. A 3D printer is one thing that I would love to get my hands on. Before you knew it I’d have an army of those army guys with …

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Dec 10 2013

Best Use to Date: 3D Printed Food

By now we are all aware that 3D printing is taking over the world. And some how I’ve had the access to a 3D printer ourselves so I’m not sure I believe it’s as prevalent as the Internet would have me believe. I’m guessing it’s some kind of conspiracy. I don’t know who’s behind it …

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Aug 22 2013

Nice, Quiet, Dino Pet

When you ask your mom for a puppy and she shoots you down, so you move down to a cat and she shoots that down, so you ask for a duck and she appropriately shoots that down, chinchilla, nope, hamster, nu-huh, dino, yeah sure. I’m sorry to tell you, your mother is insane. UNLESS she …

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