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Aug 01 2013

Idiot-Moron Attacks WWE Wrestler

At a recent WWE event in South Africa, Randy Orton a 6’5″ destroyer of dreams was attacked by a fan. While doing his 30 minutes of league required pre-fight showboating, a fan sneaked into the ring behind Orton and punched him in the junk. Orton then beat the fan to death in the first outbreak …

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Jul 26 2013

How to Become Invisible, to Mosquitoes

If you’re anything like me I’m sorry you probably spend every summer getting eaten by mosquitoes. That’s what I get for going outside, or not having screens on my windows, or not living in the tundra. Fortunately for me all I have to worry about when getting bitten by a mosquito is the rare possibility …

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May 15 2013

Not good: Zimbabwe zombie

Everything seemed so peaceful… Yesterday afternoon, right around quitting time for us mortals, The Telegraph reported on a Zimbabwean funeral. Normal boring stuff right? The kind of stuff your parent’s subscribe to the paper for, why are parents obsessed with the obituaries? Come to find out this wasn’t a normal funeral:   Family and friends …

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