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Mar 22 2015

The Stuff of Nightmares

Well, time travel to the past just became an even worse idea. Researchers found fossilized bones of this freaky-ass, upright-walking crocodile. Yes, you read that correctly. Now called Carnufex carolinensis, the crocodile ancestor likely walked on its hind legs, preying on armored reptiles and early mammal relatives in its ecosystem, the researchers say. Carnufex carolinensis, Latin …

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Sep 18 2014

Hooray for Science: New Insight on King Richard III’s Death

So King Richard III. You remember him right? You spent like 4 seconds glazing over him in that European history class you took your sophomore year because you thought it would be good to learn about the wars and weapons. Only to find out the class was actually just some tenured professor complaining for 4 …

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Sep 08 2014

Would Ride into Battle: New World’s Largest Dinosaur

Remember when you were a kid and the biggest dinosaur out there was the Brontosaurus. Then you learned at about 19 years old that no such dinosaur ever existed. And you were crushed. Well here’s a new one for you. The latest dinosaur to be discovered was 26 metres long and seven times as heavy …

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Aug 19 2014

I Knew It: The Earth Used to be Covered in Dragon

Finally science has caught up with reality and admitted that the world used to be inhabited by dragons. I’ve known this day was coming and I’m seriously surprised it didn’t come years ago. So here’s the deal: According to a new study published recently in ZooKeys, the Earth used to be ruled by Azhdarchidan pterosaurs–massive, toothless winged creatures …

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Jun 04 2014

Don’t Make ’em Like They Used to: 3000 Year Old Pants

Don’t ya hate pants? Until about 3000 years ago hating pants wasn’t even a thing because everyone wore skirts and robes. These trousers are the oldest pair ever discovered. They date back to about 1000 BC and were thought to be designed to make riding a horse more comfortable. Hipsters wanting the ultimate retro look, …

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May 20 2014

A New Leader Emerges: There’s a New World’s Largest Dinosaur

I’m going to file this one under 150 million year old news. Which raises the issue of how we still need a word for old information that is news to us. I’m open to suggestions. There is a new winner in the category of worlds largest dinosaur. Paleontologists in Argentina are working on uncovering the …

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May 20 2014

The Old Switcheroo: Mythical Creatures Re-Ordered

sometimes it’s fun to take an existing idea and turn it on its head. Or to chop its head off and stick it on the other end. That’s where most horror movie come from. Tumblr blogger Charmingly Antiquated did just that with some of your favorite mythical creatures. Specifically they rearranged a centaur, harpie, mermaid …

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May 12 2014

Time Waster: 3D Mastodon Bones

Sometimes two seemingly unrelated technologies come together in such a way that you can easily wast a whole day playing with the results. This is one of those times. So before you get too far into this be sure to send the link to your boss to so he can play with it and you …

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Mar 21 2014

How to Poop Like a Samurai

If you have a lifetime quest to learn everything and be all you can be, then I have a couple of recruiters for you to talk to. And this is something you need to know. Did you know that you are not using the toilet effectively? All I know is that my toilet groans when …

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Mar 20 2014

The Best Thing Before the Calculator Watch

Remember in school that one kid who had the Casio calculator watch? Remember how you were always so jealous of his struggling to cheat on his math test without the teacher seeing and without going over the allotted time? Remember how he always sat one row too far away from you so you couldn’t look …

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