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Jul 14 2014

Animal World Problems: Lion Cub gets Head Stuck in Dead Buffalo’s Butt

Some days are just not your day. You wake up and think everything is copacetic and then you step in some mystery puddle on your way to the kitchen. Then you can never get the shower to just the right temperature so you shower in a lava-hot scalding shower because you’re not about to have …

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Jul 11 2014

Because This is the Internet: Jurassic Park Theme Performed by Goats

Goats are one of those animals that the internet loves. Especially those fainting goats. But not feinting goats, I’ll tell you why. Because goats are already untrustworthy. I mean, how can you trust an animal that has shifty eyes without having to actually shift its eyes. It’s just, uncanny. Someone with vision and some free …

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Jun 19 2014

Bear Interupts Baseball Game: Zero Sh*ts are Given

When you’re playing baseball and a bear wanders up hoping to take a home run ball home with him how do you handle it? If you’re from Alaska, apparently you just keep playing. The other team keeps a bear at short stop, why shouldn’t you at least have one in the stands? The bear made …

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Jun 16 2014

My Dog Would Die: Guy Builds Automatic Fetching Machine

What do you do when you’re an engineer with a dog? Apparently you build an automatic fetching machine so your dog can play fetch by itself when you’re busy. I would love one of these for my dogs, maybe if they could play fetch by themselves they wouldn’t have such a meltdown every time I …

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Jun 16 2014

Want: Super Mario Aquarium

Do people who have fish love them? I didn’t love the fish that I used to have. They were lucky if I remembered to feed them. Yes, I’m a horrible person. But some of them did like for like 7 years so that’s pretty good right? That’s a good run for a handful of Danios? …

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Jun 16 2014

Creepy New Fad: Creepy Paddington Bear

The Internet is good at a few things. Some of them are good like the broad dissemination of information. Some are not so good, like how a seemingly innocent forum post can turn otherwise rational human beings into the ugliest most ferocious trolls ever to live under a bridge. The Internet is also good about …

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Jun 12 2014

Robo Paul the Cyborg Octopus to Predict the World Cup

Meet Robo Paul. He’s a “cyborg octopus” built with the sole purpose of predicting the outcome of the soccer World Cup which starts today. He was built by Cody Erekson, one of the guys behind Zombie Watchdog. From his Facebook page: Paul the Octopus was a common octopus living in a tank at a Sea …

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Jun 10 2014

Chimps Beat Humans at Computerized Hide and Seek

A recent study at the Kyoto University Primate Research Institute has proved, something I’m sure. I’m just not clear on what that might be. Some sort of relationship between chimpanzees and humans I’m guessing. In the game, two players (either a pair of chimps or a pair of humans) are set up back to back, …

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Jun 09 2014

Heartwarming: Baby Deer Saved from Lake

What do you do when your walking through the forest and you hear a “very distinctive cry?” In all likelihood you probably turn and run for your life because there is a good chance the noise is coming from something that is hungry for your flesh. If you’re both brave and curious like Andy Wooten …

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Jun 06 2014

Totally Worth It: Goerge R.R. Martin will Kill You for $20,000

He’ll only kill you in the book though so for those of you planning an expensive suicide-by-author you’re pretty much out of luck here. The honor is reserved for a top-tier donator on Martin’s Prizeo crowdfunding campaign, raising money to support the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and Food Depot in Martin’s adopted hometown of Santa …

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