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May 02 2013

Professional Time Waster

Cat Bounce Because I like lists, and stupid little web-games, and procrastinating here’s a list of 17 web toys to play with when you’re just done for the day. Me? I have been working 8 AM to 4 PM so I’m usually done for the day, and useless to the rest of my team, at …

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May 01 2013

Another job for me: Polar Bear Spotter

In what seems to be a continuing theme with my articles, a wild job appears. Polar bear spotter. The Norwegian government is looking for a polar bear spotter on Svalbard, whose 2,400 human residents are outnumbered by its 3,000 polar bears, according to the Associated Press. The job starts on July 8 and involves spotting …

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Apr 30 2013

A good excuse for a day off.

Remember the last time you called into work sick to tell them you weren’t coming in? Remember the looks you got the next day when you came in wearing a shirt from the new ski resort and sunburned on the bottom of you nose? It’s not because your coworkers are afraid of catching the made …

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Apr 26 2013

News Flash: Travelling With Remains Is A Bad Idea

Two women were stopped when trying to board a plane when it was discovered that some pottery they had was full of skull fragments and teeth. Like so many before, they claimed it belonged to the person in the group that conveniently wasn’t there at the moment. Just like when my mom found my initials …

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Apr 22 2013

Worst Job To Be A Temp For: Barcoding Ants

Yes, you read that right. A research group, that obviously has gotten way too bored, came up with the grand idea to barcode ants. Who needs cancer research anyway? I’ve always thought that studying little ants was fun, but I did it generally with a magnifying glass. I want to know how these little critters get all over …

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Apr 19 2013

Hubble is 23? Who knew?

To celebrate it’s 23 birthday today the Hubble telescope decided to do what any other 23 year old would do, take pictures of stuff you’ve already taken pictures of. In this case the subject was the Horsehead nebula that lives in my favorite constellation, Orion. This time around though the Hubble had some help from …

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Apr 19 2013

It was bound to happen: Disney Sloth Princesses

Because everyone Disney princesses, and lately the internet has fallen for sloths as well, artist Phillip Light came up with these sloth version of Disney princesses. Or course it’s an article like this that brings me up to date. I had no idea that the Merida girl from Brave was considered a Disney Princess. I …

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