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Jun 04 2014

Don’t Make ’em Like They Used to: 3000 Year Old Pants

Don’t ya hate pants? Until about 3000 years ago hating pants wasn’t even a thing because everyone wore skirts and robes. These trousers are the oldest pair ever discovered. They date back to about 1000 BC and were thought to be designed to make riding a horse more comfortable. Hipsters wanting the ultimate retro look, …

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Feb 26 2014

Run Away: Grandfather Pulls the Pin of a Grenade While Treasure Hunting

This is John Hill, 67, of Scotland and his 3 grandsons. John is one of those people who belong to a Metal Detecting Club, because apparently there isn’t anything else to do in Scotland. Recently while out treasure hunting on the banks of a local canal John discovered what he hoped was an ancient ring. …

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Feb 24 2014

Want: Mini Museum

If you were looking for something to get me for Make-Up-Your-Own-Holiday Day, it should be this. This is a mini museum containing up to 33 specimens of rare and amazing things. Dinosaur fossils, moon rocks, palm trees from Antarctica, London bridge, etc. Basically everything that you have ever wanted to collect but your mom wouldn’t …

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Nov 21 2013

Mystery Solved: The Curse of the Spinning Egyptian Statue

As you’ll all well recall, a couple of months ago I wrote about an ancient Egyptian statue at the Manchester Museum that is inexplicably spinning around during the day. Back then it was a mystery as to why or how this little guy was turning around. I figured he was just tired of looking at …

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Oct 25 2013

Every Girl Crazy ’bout a Sharp Dressed Skeleton

If you’re into skeletons and costume jewelry, and at this time of year who isn’t, you’re gonna love this. Photographer Paul Koudounaris just put out a new set called, “Heavenly Bodies – Cult Treasures & Spectacular Saints From The Catacombs.”  Basically it’s just a group of photos taken of bedazzled skeletons in the catacombs of …

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Oct 15 2013

Lies, It’s All Lies: Your Brain is Lying to You

If you haven’t figured this out by now I have some bad news for you. Everything in your life is a lie. Don’t feel bad though. Everything in my life is a lie too. BuzzFeedVideo came up with a video, of all things, to demonstrate this. I highly recommend you watch the video after the …

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Aug 16 2013

That’s a Lot of Numbers: Call of Duty, By the Numbers

Activision recently came out with this sweet Call of Duty infographic. A lot of these numbers are pretty impressive. It looks like a lot of people have wasted a lot of time playing Call of Duty. I could never have fathomed how high some of these figures are. For example, the graphic lists the number …

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Aug 16 2013

Works of Shakespeare, From Beyond the Grave

Due to his trademarked misspellings and bad handwriting (I doubt he actually trademarked either) new works of William Shakespeare have just been identified. This is important to you because, well, it isn’t… It is important to high school English teachers and 14 year old girls. Both groups fawn over Shakespeare’s work even though god knows …

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Jul 31 2013

Canadian Couple Captures Bigfoot, On Film

A Canadian couple out for a hike has done it. They finally caught Bigfoot on film. Maybe. It’s hard to tell because the video is grainy and shot from a long way off. Of course some of us just think that Bigfoot is a blurry guy. If he wasn’t blurry we’d call him Chewbacca. Although …

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Jul 24 2013

I Would Move: Abstract City Maps

At some point or another we’ve all had the misfortune of having to navigate a city that was laid out by drunken monkeys following three-legged goats. Maybe you had to grow up in a place like that. If that’s the case I apologize to you for the failings of humanity. Jazzberry Blue (their site makes …

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