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Jun 19 2014

Show Off: Plans Accepted for New World’s Tallest Building

London-bases architecture firm Chetwoods won the bid to build some massive buildings in Wuhan, China. They call the creations the Phoenix Towers. The taller of the two towers is planned to be one kilometer high, which comes out to 3280 feet in something that you can wrap your head around. The two Phoenix Towers, which …

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Jun 03 2014

Want: Sneaky Hidden Swimming Pool

I’ve seen a couple of variations of hidden swimming pools over the years but I think this one wins. Look at the image above and see if you can spot the pool. If you think you can let me just tell you, you’re wrong. You may see the edge of the pool, I’ll give you …

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Mar 07 2014

Living Like a Hamster: Two Artists Live on a Wheel for 10 Days

Have you ever been a part of a team? How about lived with someone? No? Hmm, you should probably see someone about your social problems. How about this, have you noticed anyone in your daily routine that you’re in sync with? I have, there is one guy at work who I always meet in the …

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Mar 04 2014

Now There’s a Temporary Solution: South Korea to Build Biodomes for Endangered Animals

If there has ever been a problem that could be solved by a huge feat of over-engineering and invading nature, it must be saving endangered animals. At least that’s South Korea’s take on the issue. The idea for the design by Seoul-based Samoo Architects & Engineers (SAMOO) is to blend the three-part compound harmoniously with …

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Feb 24 2014

Just what we Need: Wall that Reacts to your Movements

Here’s a project for those of us who don’t get enough seasickness in our daily routines. Designer Thibaut Sld. created this wall out of 60 moving hexigons that can be set to mirror to react to movements by the operator. It looks to me like the next step towards creating walls that talk to you. …

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Feb 14 2014

He Makes Some Good Points: An Open Letter From the Architect of the Death Star

The Brilliance that is Andrew Bridgman at Dorkly created an open letter from the desk of the architect who designed the Death Star. In it he makes a lot of good points that I never thought of before because I had always been rooting for team Skywalker anyway. So it all came down to sexless …

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Jan 14 2014

Be the Face of the Olympics

If you’re like me you love the Olympics this year we are celebrating the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. And they start in just a few weeks. I’m pumped. I think it’s the random sports that you don’t normally get to see on TV that draws me in. This year British architect Asif Khan helped …

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Dec 06 2013

Will You be Attending? Loo of the Year Awards

It’s that time of year again. The Loo of the Year Awards are coming. For those of us in America you probably call it a bathroom. Unless you are talking to your devil of an 8th grade English teacher who tells you it’s not a bathroom because “you can’t bathe there.” Nope, can’t call it …

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Oct 30 2013

Tetanus the Ride: Man Spends 40 Years Building Carnival Rides

Think of how restaurants advertise, TV ads, newspaper ads, coupon books, radio spots, play places. Now tell me how expensive places that serve bad food can stay in business. Is it because they are a front for some sort of illegal activity? Here’s a story of how the play place idea that McDonald’s has taken …

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Oct 30 2013

This Seat is Saved: Growing Spiky Crystal Chairs

Every artist these days seems to be coming up with some unique form of art to set them apart form other artists. Instead of just being better at painting or sculpture that the other guy artists are making up their own thing that they can be mediocre at and still excel. Artist Tokujin Yoshioka created …

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