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Jun 04 2014

Don’t Make ’em Like They Used to: 3000 Year Old Pants

Don’t ya hate pants? Until about 3000 years ago hating pants wasn’t even a thing because everyone wore skirts and robes. These trousers are the oldest pair ever discovered. They date back to about 1000 BC and were thought to be designed to make riding a horse more comfortable. Hipsters wanting the ultimate retro look, …

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May 28 2014

Faith in Humanity Restored: Guy Catches Baby After 2-Story Fall

My faith in humanity has been somewhat restored after seeing that two guys with enough clothing for one and a half can still catch a naked baby after raining off a 2-story windowsill. A CCTV camera caught a man successfully catching a one-year-old boy after the child fell from an apartment building during a heavy …

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May 22 2014

Investment Company Elevates a Robot Board Member

Recently a Hong Kong-based investment company, Deep Knowledge Ventures, added a new board member. Usually this kind of news is nothing that anyone anywhere would ever care about. Ever. But in this case we do care because we can mark the date in the history of the downfall of the human species. “Why?” I’ll tell …

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May 15 2014

Cute but Deadly: Panda Dogs

Pet shop owner Hsin Ch’en has taken to dying his Chow puppies to look like giant pandas. As expected he can not keep up with the demand for his false-colored puppies. “There are no chemicals or cruelty involved,” Ch’en said. “But the price of the dog does rise significantly because of the amount of grooming …

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May 08 2014

WHO Declares Global Emergency for Potential Polio Pandemic

I know, in all honesty you’re disappointed to hear that the Public Health Emergency of International Concern was declared over an existing disease. The last time this happened it was Swine Flu which was new and exciting and everyone you knew got sick. You were really hoping that next time it happened it would be …

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May 05 2014

I Want to Play: 3 Master Fencers vs. 50 Novices

What would happen if you were to pit 3 fencing masters against 50? You’d think the 50 would just immediately trample the masters. And you’d basically be right, if this was a fight to the death. Unfortunately it’s not. The crowd, being a crowd, does not initially do what it should, which is rush the …

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Apr 18 2014

Labor Intensive: People Made of Wire

Brooklyn-based Korean artist Seung Mo Park created a group of sculptures that he’s calling Human. They have me super impressed. The sculptures are created from fiberglass forms wrapped with aluminum wire. It’s got to be like elevently billion miles of aluminum wire too because these are not small sculptures. I can’t even begin to fathom …

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Apr 16 2014

Because Japan: Giant Mech Hits the Streets of Japan

Everyday I find a new reason that living in Japan would be like living in Wonderland. The only thing stopping me from moving there is… I’m not really sure. Probably the language barrier. Maybe how many monsters they have that destroy their cities. It’s as bad as New York over there. Because of said, giant …

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Apr 14 2014

Gross: Ladies Fashion Shoes for the Birds

Birds are gross. That’s why your mom wouldn’t let you touch the babies or bring the feathers you found inside. Some people though still like them, and we’ll never know why. Those are the people who keep parakeets as pets even though they are messy, loud, narcissistic, and unfriendly. It’s like keeping a cage full …

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Apr 14 2014

For Added Protection: Shield Fire Extinguisher

What is the biggest problem with fire extinguishers. I mean besides stupid people who can’t figure out how to use them. They are the biggest problem with all products. If your answer is “the fire itself” then you guessed where I’m going with this. Because fires are hot and household fires tends to burn things like …

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