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Mar 10 2015

Want: Life-Sized Hulk Buster For Sale

If you’re still in need of that one piece to top off your Avenger’s collection or if you just hit the tax return jackpot and need a way to keep those awful relatives of yours off the lawn then do I have a deal for you.   Beast Kingdom Toys is selling a life-size version …

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Sep 08 2014

Would Ride into Battle: New World’s Largest Dinosaur

Remember when you were a kid and the biggest dinosaur out there was the Brontosaurus. Then you learned at about 19 years old that no such dinosaur ever existed. And you were crushed. Well here’s a new one for you. The latest dinosaur to be discovered was 26 metres long and seven times as heavy …

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Jun 19 2014

Show Off: Plans Accepted for New World’s Tallest Building

London-bases architecture firm Chetwoods won the bid to build some massive buildings in Wuhan, China. They call the creations the Phoenix Towers. The taller of the two towers is planned to be one kilometer high, which comes out to 3280 feet in something that you can wrap your head around. The two Phoenix Towers, which …

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Jun 19 2014

Bear Interupts Baseball Game: Zero Sh*ts are Given

When you’re playing baseball and a bear wanders up hoping to take a home run ball home with him how do you handle it? If you’re from Alaska, apparently you just keep playing. The other team keeps a bear at short stop, why shouldn’t you at least have one in the stands? The bear made …

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Jun 17 2014

Impressed: A Man and His Swords, and Things

This is swordsmith and armorer Michael the Elder God with one of his many swords. He’s kind of like that Tony Swatton guy in the sense that I idolize him for his manliness. In his own words he makes “swords and things.” So I just want you to take a moment and bask in the …

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Jun 09 2014

Impressive: LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer

Supreme LEGO-master of the universe Jerac from Łódź, Poland came up with the idea to build the biggest, most accurate LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer ever. Last November he began his plan and on June 1st, 2014 he finished the masterpiece. I have to say, I’m all sorts of impressed. More than 40,000 bricks. 110 pounds …

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May 28 2014

New Record: World Largest LEGO Tower is 114 Feet Tall

Going on about 9 months ago now we got word there was a new leaders in the world of tallest LEGO towers. Well, their reign has officially ended. That is to say, there’s a new leader in the field of world’s tallest LEGO tower. Construction of the 114-foot (36-metre) Lego tower began on Wednesday with …

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May 22 2014

5 Tolkien Characters too Big for the Big Screen

I’ve had this theory for a while that some movies don’t adequately communicate the terror of the monsters simply due to the shear size of said monsters. People just can’t wrap their minds around a creature that trips on 700 foot sky scrapers in the same way they trip on a coffee table. Think about …

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May 20 2014

A New Leader Emerges: There’s a New World’s Largest Dinosaur

I’m going to file this one under 150 million year old news. Which raises the issue of how we still need a word for old information that is news to us. I’m open to suggestions. There is a new winner in the category of worlds largest dinosaur. Paleontologists in Argentina are working on uncovering the …

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May 15 2014

That was Close: Huge Boulder Almost Smashes Church

A construction crew working near Grace Ministries Church in Saugus, Massachusetts almost landed a huge boulder on the church when blasting it out of the ground just up the hill. Luckily the whole thing was caught on film for out enjoyment. No so luckily, the guy filming doesn’t know about filming in landscape mode so …

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