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Jul 23 2014

Questionable Defensibility: Beautiful Geometric Sand Castles

New York-based sandcastle artist Calvin Seibert created a group of geometric/abstract sandcastles on a recent 10-day trip to Hawaii. First let me say, what a life. Traveling to Hawaii, building sandcastles, living in New York. What more could you ask for, aside from not to live in New York. I’m sure a lot of people …

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Jun 26 2014

Roll Me Down the Hill: Concrete Pipe Cabins

When you travel do you like to sleep in a nice hotel that you booked weeks in advance or do you just wing it on a park bench? I’d like to think I’m adventurous enough to just go for it and sleep wherever I drop but I know I’m not. A bizarre hotel made from …

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Jun 19 2014

Show Off: Plans Accepted for New World’s Tallest Building

London-bases architecture firm Chetwoods won the bid to build some massive buildings in Wuhan, China. They call the creations the Phoenix Towers. The taller of the two towers is planned to be one kilometer high, which comes out to 3280 feet in something that you can wrap your head around. The two Phoenix Towers, which …

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Jun 18 2014

Grand Budapest Hotel in LEGO

This is a model of the Grand Budapest Hotel built by Ryan Ziegelbauer. As you may have guessed by using your obsessive observation of detail and the title of the article, he built it out of LEGOs. Maybe he was inspired by the film that took place in the hotel. No that’s not the one …

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Jun 11 2014

Lasso It: Out of Control Concrete Buffer

you know those things that look like an upside-down helicopter that you see guys driving across the surface of fresh concrete? That’s a concrete buffer, as you may guess from the name it’s used to buff concrete so you have a nice, smooth surface. Have you ever wondered what would happen if the operator didn’t …

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Jun 09 2014

Tetanus, the Lifestyle: Artist Pieces Together Buildings from Found Materials

Cape Town, South Africa-based artist and photographer Justin Plunkett took a bunch of photos of ramshackle structures and living situations and mashed them together into glorious monuments to… something I’m sure. Looks kind of hazardous to me. interesting, and fun to look at, but hazardous. I wouldn’t go close enough to any of these buildings …

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May 30 2014

Crapping Down Both Legs: Glass Floor of 103rd Floor Observation Deck Cracks

On the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower in Chicago there are a group of 4 observation boxes called skydecks. These skydecks are made entirely of glass and they stick out of the building over nothing but a 1300 foot drop. Luckily that glass is safe an unbreakable according to Willis Tower staff. At least …

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Mar 06 2014

There Should be a Nusery Rhyme: Mexican Pyramid is Falling Down

The Pyramid of the Sun is falling down Falling down Falling down Okay, maybe this isn’t working. The Pyramid on the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico is working on falling down. It’s only been there for like 2000 years so you’d like people wouldn’t be to stressed about it. Only, they totally are.  From 2010 to …

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Mar 04 2014

Now There’s a Temporary Solution: South Korea to Build Biodomes for Endangered Animals

If there has ever been a problem that could be solved by a huge feat of over-engineering and invading nature, it must be saving endangered animals. At least that’s South Korea’s take on the issue. The idea for the design by Seoul-based Samoo Architects & Engineers (SAMOO) is to blend the three-part compound harmoniously with …

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Feb 14 2014

He Makes Some Good Points: An Open Letter From the Architect of the Death Star

The Brilliance that is Andrew Bridgman at Dorkly created an open letter from the desk of the architect who designed the Death Star. In it he makes a lot of good points that I never thought of before because I had always been rooting for team Skywalker anyway. So it all came down to sexless …

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