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May 13 2013

Ho-ly Crap: The Brazilians do it again.

Remember about a month ago when Albino posted about a Brazilian guy who shot himself in the head with a harpoon gun? Now they’ve done it again. Not to be outdone this time it was a 28 year old Brazilian woman. Granted it was her husband who accidentally shot her while cleaning his spear gun, …

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May 08 2013

So It Begins…

Scientists are finally admitting that we are in way over our heads. Ray Kurzweil, an author and futurist, predicts that robot intelligence will equal human intelligence by the year 2029. He goes further to say that by the year 2049, computer intelligence will be billions of times more powerful than unaided human intelligence. Apparently once this ‘singularity’ occurs, humans will …

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Apr 24 2013

What’s summer without disappointment.

Horrible, horrible disappointment. Most Star Wars fans have dreamed of a universe where they get new films on a regular basis. Whatever else Disney has done with the franchise, they’ve at least made that possible. We’ve known we’re getting Star Wars: Episode VII in 2015 and that it would be followed by the rest of …

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Apr 22 2013

Worst Job To Be A Temp For: Barcoding Ants

Yes, you read that right. A research group, that obviously has gotten way too bored, came up with the grand idea to barcode ants. Who needs cancer research anyway? I’ve always thought that studying little ants was fun, but I did it generally with a magnifying glass. I want to know how these little critters get all over …

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