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May 02 2014

Kill it with Fire: Transparent Jumping Spiders

Want to know where this thing lives? It will ruin your day, sure you want me to tell you? Ok. They like to make their homes in on that part of a person’s back that they can’t reach to scratch themselves. Imagine that for me and enjoy the rest of your day. Ok, so that’s …

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Apr 28 2014

Nicely Done: Skull Violins

Stratton Violins is in the business of making the violin a “cool” instrument for today’s youth and death metal bands to take up. Not sure how that’s going but their product is pretty awesome. They make Skull Violins. Instead of using real skulls which probably wouldn’t sound as good they make their violins from pure …

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Apr 25 2014

Looks Questionable to me: Bolivian Soccer Ghost

A recent soccer game in La Paz, Bolivia has become the new holy grail of ghost hunters. Not because the stadium was built on an ancient Inca burial ground, which it probably was, but because there’s a ghost in the video of the game. Instead of streaking across the field, stealing the ball, and taking …

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Apr 25 2014

Your Worst Nightmare: Wasp Nest Merges with Face

So, this is horrifying. Imagine walking into your shed and finding this, what would you do? If your answer is anything by run out and immediately destroy that shed with fire then you are more committed to your abandoned shed than any person should be. What are you hiding in there? Redditor CountBubs posted this …

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Apr 22 2014

Minor Diffences: Artist Corrupts Coloring Books

Do you ever purposefully color outside the lines? I don’t. I have a hard enough time keeping inside the lines to begin with if I let myself start coloring outside them who knows what could happen? I mean, the world could end. You don’t know. Over at Coloring Book Corruptions they’re not so worried about …

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Apr 17 2014

Ninja Turtles will Haunt Your Dreams

Artist Dave Raposa has a way about him, a way of making your favorite TV and comic book characters terrifying. He’s taken the Ninja Turtles and rendered them scary. I imagine this is what they look like to all the ninja-henchmen that they take out every day. I wonder how many villains still use ninja-henchmen. …

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Apr 10 2014

Instant Classic: Pop Styled Classic Paintings

Has anyone else noticed that putting members of the Simpson family into art that tries to make them fleshy and human always turns out gross? It’s the eyes. People eyes shouldn’t bulge like that. Artist David Barton of Limpfish sees this but he’s not afraid to go there anyway. He has taken several classic paintings …

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Mar 26 2014

This is in No Way Okay: Uncanny Witch-Stripper-Robot Thing

Artist Jordan Wolfson in collaboration with creature effects studio Spectral Motion created this abomination in the name of art. Looks like a deal with the devil to me. Through the use of facial recognition technology, the doll will literally follow you with its eyes while it bumps and grinds through a freakishly slowed down version …

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Mar 07 2014

Makes My Skin Crawl: 3D Printed Blouse

This one really triggers my trypophobia so I won’t blame you if you skip it. I know I won’t be coming back. Lim Kae Woei and Elena Low, of Melbourne based XYZ Workshop, have been awarded the top prize in an international 3D printed fashion competition. To create the pattern, the designers started by making …

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Feb 28 2014

I’m Being Followed: Robotic Garden Lamps Follow Guests

When is the last time you were out in the back yard at night and you were trampled by a herd of stampeding wildebeests? If the answer is anything other than never then you really need to reconsider your living arrangements. However if you choose to live where you do you might as well as …

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