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Jun 18 2014

Want: Retro-Styled Cthulhu action Figures

  Indie toy maker Warpo recently started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the making of their Legends of Cthulhu Retro Action Figure Toy Line. If you’re wondering, yes, you are allowed to keep them in the package for the rest of your life until your kids break into your stash one day and you come …

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Jun 17 2014

Want: Never Ending Slinky

Every true geek wants just a few simply things in life, a decent bookshelf, a nice computer, and a perpetual motion machine to power the world and impress their friends. This doesn’t qualify as any of those but it is closets to the last so I’m going to tentatively put it in that category.  We …

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Jun 06 2014

Totally Worth It: Goerge R.R. Martin will Kill You for $20,000

He’ll only kill you in the book though so for those of you planning an expensive suicide-by-author you’re pretty much out of luck here. The honor is reserved for a top-tier donator on Martin’s Prizeo crowdfunding campaign, raising money to support the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and Food Depot in Martin’s adopted hometown of Santa …

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May 23 2014

Want to Be in Star Wars? $10

If you’re as excited for Star Wars Episode VII as some of my coworkers, you’re a crazy person, and you’ll ft right in here. Unfortunately even though you might be the biggest fan in town of the futuristic movie that takes place in the past you’re probably not going to ever get a chance to …

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May 14 2014

Want: Tiny Scanner Tells you What Things are Made of

How handy would it be if you could scan an avocado with your key fob and be told whether it’s ripe or not? Or what if you could beep that mystery container in the back of the fridge to find out what the hell it used to be. Or, more importantly if the container is …

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May 13 2014

Run Away: Six Legged Robot is Coming for You

Question: What’s scarier that a robot running at you? Answer: A six-legged robot running at you. Especially if that robot can maintain speeds of up to 20 MPH. So you know that’s fast enough to catch you and have its way with you. The six-legged bot called OutRunner uses two sets of three legs to propel …

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May 12 2014

My Dog Would Starve: Gaming System Gives Your Dog a Treat When They Win

How smart is your dog? Probably not as smart as you give him credit for. Not my dogs though, I never give them any credit for being smart. That way when they do something they are supposed to do I am pleasantly surprised. It’s really a good way to go through life. Go at every …

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Apr 21 2014

Want: Tiny Robotic Printer

If you’ve ever had to set up your own or help anyone else with theirs you know that printers are the absolute worst technology on the planet. Everything about them is horrible. The ink is expensive, the software either doesn’t work or hijacks your whole computer, they constantly get paper jams because their paper tray …

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