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Mar 22 2015

The Stuff of Nightmares

Well, time travel to the past just became an even worse idea.¬†Researchers found fossilized bones of this freaky-ass, upright-walking crocodile. Yes, you read that correctly. Now called Carnufex carolinensis, the crocodile ancestor likely walked on its hind legs, preying on armored reptiles and early mammal relatives in its ecosystem, the researchers say. Carnufex carolinensis, Latin …

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Aug 11 2014

Man Sets House on Fire While Trying to Kill a Spider

You know how when you see a spider in your house you want nothing more than to just burn the place down and start over again in a new city. Especially when it’s one of those gigantic brown beggars that like to wait for you every morning in the bathtub and then they look all …

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Jul 15 2014

Take that Volvo: Hyundai Comes Out with Their Own Stunt Commercial

Apparently as a response to Volvo’s commercial featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme straddling a pair of semi trucks Hyundai has come out with their own advertisement featuring brave stunt-people doing things that you shouldn’t try at home. Here they’re demonstrating the new car’s ability to drive by itself. So they start out with drivers who then …

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Jun 25 2014

Our Favorite Kind: Horrifying Road Safety PSA

If there is one thing that everyone loves it’s the recent trend in public service announcements which scare people into not being dirt-bags. You remember the one about staying in school, and the one about texting while driving, and then there was the one about drunk driving. This time we’re dealing with something far more …

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Jun 19 2014

Trolling Fast Food: Guy Asks for a Burger that Looks like the Ad

If there is one rule I try to follow when it comes to fast food it is to expect the very least and don’t send it back. You see, when you expect the least out of anything in life you’re never disappointed and sometimes you’re pleasantly surprised. And there is no faster way to guarantee …

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Jun 17 2014

Impressed: A Man and His Swords, and Things

This is swordsmith and armorer Michael the Elder God with one of his many swords. He’s kind of like that Tony Swatton guy in the sense that I idolize him for his manliness. In his own words he makes “swords and things.” So I just want you to take a moment and bask in the …

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Jun 11 2014

Lasso It: Out of Control Concrete Buffer

you know those things that look like an upside-down helicopter that you see guys driving across the surface of fresh concrete? That’s a concrete buffer, as you may guess from the name it’s used to buff concrete so you have a nice, smooth surface. Have you ever wondered what would happen if the operator didn’t …

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Jun 10 2014

Never Go Outside Again: Lightning Destroying a Tree

As we all well know going outside is rarely a good idea and is an activity best left to professionals. Here’s a good example of why that is. Here’s some surveillance camera footage from the¬† Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, NY. As you can see the tree in the background is struck by …

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Jun 03 2014

Fatality: 7-Year-Old Black Belt

Until I saw this video I’ve never had any fear that any number of first graders posed me any real threat. Now I see the error in my hubris. If 7-year-old Mahiro came after me in a dark alley or a well-lit gymnasium I’m pretty sure she could tear out my still beating heart, show …

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Jun 02 2014

Don’t try this at Home: Burning Pollen

What do you do when all the cottonwood trees growing along the river, by which you park your van, drop all their pollen on your doorstep? You burn it off obviously. I know, most people get along just fine in life by ignoring the fluffy-cotton stuff, but that’s not your style. You’re not one to …

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