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Apr 24 2014

That’s what you get: Old Guy gets hit by Train Only Loses a Shoe

When you’re hobbling down the road of life and you come to a railroad crossing with the guard arms down how many ducks are in the winter? HA, that totally turned into a religious question. A 77-year-old guy in Rájec-Jestřebí, Czech Republic decided that “while the guard arms are down” is an okay time to …

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Apr 08 2014

Would Wear: Bruise Suit Indicates Internal Injuries for Those Who Feel No Pain

Some people won’t let an injury or genetic condition stop them. People like the athletes in the Paralympics. The problem arises when someone who has no sensation in parts of their body gets injured. Sometimes even serious injuries can go unnoticed and hence untreated. That’s where this new Bruise suit comes in. The athlete wears …

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Mar 18 2014

Isn’t that Dangerous: The History of the Upside-Down Traffic Light

In Syracuse, New York there is a traffic light that is upside down. Apparently this is a point of local pride, legend, history, and mystery. But the good folks at Gizmodo decided to delve into the mystery to see what’s up. Or maybe just to find out who screwed up. Legend has it that a …

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Mar 17 2014

That’s Using Your Head: Breaking Walnuts with Head World Record

Two world record posts in one day. now you know how to impress me. This is Pakastani martial artist Mohammad Rashid. At the recent Punjab Youth Festival in Lahore, Pakistan, Rashid decided it was time that the old record for the most walnuts crushed with one’s head in a minute fell. What that old record …

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Mar 11 2014

Makes for a Bad Day: Plane Hits Parachuter

A couple of days ago timelines synchronized and flight plans crossed in Polk County, Florida. 87-year-old pilot Shannon Trembley was doing takeoff and landing maneuvers and 49-year-old John Frost was falling from the sky trailing a pig piece of fabric when the wing of Trembley’s plane caught Frost’s parachute. Luckily for us a there was …

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Feb 28 2014

I’m Being Followed: Robotic Garden Lamps Follow Guests

When is the last time you were out in the back yard at night and you were trampled by a herd of stampeding wildebeests? If the answer is anything other than never then you really need to reconsider your living arrangements. However if you choose to live where you do you might as well as …

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Feb 21 2014

Badass: Your Favorite Cartoon Characters Turned Mean

A While back you’ll remember I wrote about some of your favorite childhood cartoon characters going bad. Well the group has expanded now thanks to DeviantArtist Tohad. Now we’ve got the Simpsons, the Smurfs, and Dora the Explorer and her face-eating monkey although it looks like they had to put down the talking backpack when …

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Feb 04 2014

Time to Move: Sinkhole Swallows Family’s Car

Mother Nature is at it again trying to kill people, or possibly just protesting the ownership of an ugly car. This time it’s in Buckinghamshire, England. So you know Nature, it’s not nice to judge people by the car they own. If we had the means we’d all be driving hovercraft but that’s just not …

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Jan 23 2014

Safety Last: Russian Kid Hanging Off Tall Structures

Russian Youtuber and crazy person MustangWanted wants a Mustang and he’ll do anything to get it lives in Russia, where apparently it’s a national pass time to be insane. his version of insane takes the form on hanging off of tall structures like buildings, cranes, antennas, and bridges. You know the same kind of stuff …

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Jan 16 2014

Looks Dangerous: One Wheel Skateboard

Looks exciting, I know. The Onewheel – Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard is currently smashing funding goals on its Kickstarter project. What the project breaks down to is smaller pieces a board with one big wheel in the middle that hides a motor and some sort of self balancing magic technology that allows you to actually ride …

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