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Jul 30 2014

Would Drive to Work: New Israeli Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle

When the Zombie Apocalypse hits what vehicle do you want to be driving? I know, some people suggest a bicycle is the best way to go but those people will be zombies by the time the outbreak makes it to my town anyhow so I have zero shits to give about what they say anyhow. …

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Jun 16 2014

My Dog Would Die: Guy Builds Automatic Fetching Machine

What do you do when you’re an engineer with a dog? Apparently you build an automatic fetching machine so your dog can play fetch by itself when you’re busy. I would love one of these for my dogs, maybe if they could play fetch by themselves they wouldn’t have such a meltdown every time I …

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Jun 13 2014

Demon Motorcycle Enslaves China

Let’s see who that title draws in. I don’t think this bike has actually enslaved anyone, yet, but t has gained a following of thousands of cats and red-headed children. I’m not really sure what all that means, I just report what the voice in my head tell me to. “Are you psychotic?” I don’t …

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Jun 12 2014

Ginkgo Acoustic Panels: Like Living in a Dragon

These are Ginkgo acoustic wall panels supposedly created by Stone Designs, although I’ll be damned if I can find a single mention of them on their site. They’re made of felt and come in whatever color you’re willing to pay for. The purpose of them is for use in sound dampening but I’m going to …

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Jun 03 2014

Available in the Used Meat Department: Tauntaun Butcher Chart

When you’re stuck on the ice planet Hoth and you have to survive a frozen night outside of the base what do you do? Obviously you slice open your recently deceased tauntaun and climb inside. What about if you’re just craving a nice steak and the last of the space cows escaped from the corral? …

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Jun 03 2014

Want: Sneaky Hidden Swimming Pool

I’ve seen a couple of variations of hidden swimming pools over the years but I think this one wins. Look at the image above and see if you can spot the pool. If you think you can let me just tell you, you’re wrong. You may see the edge of the pool, I’ll give you …

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May 29 2014

Sneaky: MIT is Developing a Camouflage Generator

A team at MIT is currently working on a new camouflage system to hide objects in public places. They claim that it’s not for any nefarious reasons, but they’re a bunch of college students and professors so I’m sure there will be an invisible coffee table on a sidewalk somewhere. The idea behind MIT’s camouflage …

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May 23 2014

Squee: Cutest Goat in a Wheel Chair You’ll see Today

This is Frosty the Snowgoat. He lives on a farm in Australia. When Frosty was even younger than he is now he was afflicted with Joint Navel Ill. A disease that left poor Frosty without the use of his hind legs. Luckily for him the Edgar’s Mission non profit was around to nurse him back …

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May 21 2014

Want: New Device Washes Laundry right in the Hamper

How handy would it be if you didn’t even have to take the dirty laundry out of the basket to wash it? Dead handy, that’s how.Well, that’s the idea with this new creation which is currently in the works by the people at Electrolux Design Lab. Here, just read the description that the makers gave. …

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May 19 2014

Usefulness Questionable: Imagining a Bad User Experience

When you think of getting a bad user experience do you ever think of anything more that software. I’m gonna guess no because it seems like it’s only software that is becoming less and less useable over time. It absolutely amaze me that companies can put out crappy software and still stay in business. But …

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