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Jan 03 2014

For the Dino-Bronies: My Little Raptor

If there are two things everyone using the internet loves they are dinosaurs and My Little Pony. Pizza and conspiracy theories come in a close third and fourth. But conspiracy theorists will tell you that their theories would have come in first were it not for the Illuminati on the deep web keeping them down. …

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Nov 18 2013

Scarier in Real Life: Parents Set up Dinisaur Toys to Fool Children

Everyone think of the Toy Story movie right now, the first one. Remember Sid? The bad kid who strapped Buzz to a rocket. Where is he now, probably institutionalized somewhere. yeah, I know, he got what was coming to him but just think before the toys scared him into madness he was on his way …

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Oct 28 2013

Nice use of Scholarships: OSU Marching Band Does Hollywood

The life of a marching band member has to be pretty depressing. Even your best performance will be missed by half the crowd because they would rather take a bathroom break or go out for some nachos than watch you dance around the field with a sousaphone. Then the other half the crowd is really …

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Oct 21 2013

Got a Birthday Coming Up: Dinosaur Skeleton for Sale

Meet Misty. Misty is a Diplodocus who lived in Wyoming, USA about 150 million years ago. Back then there were about 576 thousand fewer people living in Wyoming than there is today. If you’ve ever traveled Wyoming you’d know, you wouldn’t notice the difference. Unfortunately Misty died some time ago, and apparently foul play is …

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