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Feb 20 2014

Ladies of Disney as Game of Thrones Characters

Hypothetical question time. What would it look like if the ladies from your favorite animated Disney movies dressed up like characters from Game of Thrones. Don’t answer it was also rhetorical. No, it’s okay, I can do both. DeviantArtisy DjeDjehuti created the set out of what he described as a silly idea. This was a …

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Feb 06 2014

Disney Men Minus Their Beards

You know me man, I loves me a good Photoshop of an animated Disney character. Fortunately so do the rest of you too, just generalizing. But most of the articles you’ll see are of the Disney princesses dressed in this fashion, or that one, or with their heads exploding. That’s all well and good for …

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Jan 29 2014

The Fairy Tale is Over: Disney Princesses After the Story

Artist and Photographer Dina Goldstien created this group of photos depicting Disney princesses after their fairy tales are over. If you ever wondered what “happily ever after” meant then don’t look at these photos for examples. Real life fit these ladies like a cement truck. It’s too bad when a nice person looses their way. …

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Jan 28 2014

Grumpy Cat Replaces Disney Characters, Isn’t Happy About It

A while ago now the image of Grumpy cat as Ariel from The Little Mermaid made it’s rounds on the Internet. But now I’m going to introduce you to all the grumpy relations. DeviantArtist Eric Proctor has taken Grumpy Cat and stuffed him into the clothing roles, and clothing, of your favorite Disney characters. Guess …

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Jan 24 2014

An Age of Gargoyle Disney Princesses

DeviantArtist briannacherrygarcia decided it was time to get in on this wonderful Disney princess re-envision-ment trend that’s been going around. You should remember her from the My Little Raptor set she came up with. Her take on it was making Gargoyles of the girls. You all remember the show Gargoyles? Yeah me too, I remember …

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Jan 15 2014

Disney Character Faces IRL

Can you name any of these? I’ve got a good guess on Mulan, Ursala, Cruela, and Maleficent, and Quasimodo, but that’s about it. I’m also pretty sure that the one second from the right on the top row is Grand Moff Tarkin the commander of the Death Star. He’s a Disney Character now so I …

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Jan 13 2014

Keep ’em Coming: Sailor Moon Style Disney Princesses

Submitted for your approval, another in the long list of Disney Princess fan art. This time the princesses, and a few other notable heroines, drawn in the Sailor Moon style. I’m not sure that sailor moon is its own style, maybe it’s a tall anime style with necklaces that won’t quite fit over their heads. …

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Jan 09 2014

I can Quit Whenever I Want: Warcraft Disney Princesses

Okay, so I’ve never played World of Warcraft. For the same reason I’ve never played Minecraft. I’m afraid that if I started none of you would ever see or hear from me again. I’ve seen these games ruin people with their addictive nature and I know I would just get sucked in and one day …

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Jan 06 2014

Still on Academic Probation: Disney Princesses as College Students

how would your favorite Disney princess act as a college student? They’d probably get better grades and be more popular than you. They don’t have to hold a 40-hour-a-week job while trying to do 16 credits like the rest of us, so of course they are going to have a better time of things. Artist …

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Jan 02 2014

Disney Princesses Brought to Life

Of, so the title sounds like we should be looking at undead or zombie princesses here, sorry to disappoint. But I’m sure they’re out there and as soon as I find them they will have their own post. Photographer Ryan Astamendi along with the help of some models and costume designers, everyone seems to forget …

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