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Jun 06 2013

Dragondog: Its Breath Kills You Before The Heat Does

This is real guys. Some brave soul took this picture, very likely before they were crispified in a very unfriendly and painful way. Surprisingly, no scientists have come out with any statement of how big this is for the biology world. I mean, here is a frakking dragon right in someone’s backyard and not a …

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May 06 2013

Periodic Table For The Ages

It is true, I nearly pooped my pants when I saw this. This nearly¬†catastrophic¬†event was caused for two reasons. First, this is a freaking periodic table from LOTR showing all main (and some not so much) characters, their race, age, death, best friend, first pet, and favorite color! Truth be told, I didn’t look too …

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Apr 22 2013

So I’m moving. To a mansion.

Because we all love lists and pictures, I stumbled across this list of abandoned mansions from around the world. I’m thinking of testing out my squatting and survival skills by claiming a couple as my own and moving in, with my pet dragons, so hands off. On a side note, I’ll be taking applications for …

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