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Sep 18 2014

Hooray for Science: New Insight on King Richard III’s Death

So King Richard III. You remember him right? You spent like 4 seconds glazing over him in that European history class you took your sophomore year because you thought it would be good to learn about the wars and weapons. Only to find out the class was actually just some tenured professor complaining for 4 …

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Sep 10 2014

We’re All Gonna Die: Bus’ Steering Wheel Comes Off in Drivers Hands

It’s happened to everyone, you’re driving around and your vehicle starts to do something strange. Like every other person on the planet without a huge bank account you just ignore it and hope that the problem stops soon. Then the problem just gets worse, because of course it does. Here is a bus driver in …

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Aug 12 2014

Making Music from Bad Plumbing

You know when you’re using the bathroom at a friend’s house and your worst fear is that something should go wrong. You manage to flush the toilet without flooding the place but then you go to wash your hands and when you turn on the faucet it does that banshee scream and starts coughing and …

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Jul 21 2014

That’s Gross: Ring Covered in Human Skin Leather

Late Warning: This one is gross. Like human skin on a piece of jewelry gross. Artist and crazy person Sruli Recht, who you may remember that we featured before, created this ring a while back that he covered in his own skin. If you’re wondering, no, that’s not a surgery that your average health insurance …

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Jun 25 2014

Hogging All the Crazy: Man Attacks Car with Axe in a Fit of Russian Road Rage

Before we begin let me warn you that all the images and video contained in this article will likely send you into your own fit of rage because it’s all shot in portrait mode. Turn your phone to landscape mode people! An axe-wielding Russian man has launched a violent attack on a car with children …

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Jun 25 2014

Our Favorite Kind: Horrifying Road Safety PSA

If there is one thing that everyone loves it’s the recent trend in public service announcements which scare people into not being dirt-bags. You remember the one about staying in school, and the one about texting while driving, and then there was the one about drunk driving. This time we’re dealing with something far more …

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Jun 24 2014

I Want to Play: Underground Trampolines Suspended in a Mine

I spend a lot of my day wishing I was on an adventure somewhere. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, basically just not whatever I’m doing at the time that I’m daydreaming about the adventure. Here’s a good one that I’d be willing to try. If you’re afraid of heights, caves, the dark, …

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Jun 18 2014

Grand Budapest Hotel in LEGO

This is a model of the Grand Budapest Hotel built by Ryan Ziegelbauer. As you may have guessed by using your obsessive observation of detail and the title of the article, he built it out of LEGOs. Maybe he was inspired by the film that took place in the hotel. No that’s not the one …

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Jun 17 2014

Want: Never Ending Slinky

Every true geek wants just a few simply things in life, a decent bookshelf, a nice computer, and a perpetual motion machine to power the world and impress their friends. This doesn’t qualify as any of those but it is closets to the last so I’m going to tentatively put it in that category.  We …

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Jun 13 2014

Tetanus Booster: Barefoot Parkour

How do you make a sport known as freerunning even cheaper? Or, how do you make parkour more manly, extreme, and dangerous, assuming those aren’t all the same thing? You do it barefoot. Hey, is there any difference between freerunning and parkour? I’m not exactly clear on that. Rostyslav More out of Tuscany, Italy has …

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