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Dec 09 2013

Makes for a Bad Day: Base Jumper Hits the Cliff

When you are a base jumper, you are secretly a very careful person. You check the weather, you check and recheck your equipment, you check your underpants before and after each jump. You have to do this all because God, nature, and everyone watching is quietly hoping that you fail in some horrific way. Everyone …

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Nov 28 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. That includes all of you outside of America. You can just go right ahead and have a happy Thanksgiving as well. For your entertainment I’ve scoured the Internet and found a bunch of people failing at cooking turkey. Be safe out there people, follow the instructions on your fryer, and smoker, and …

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Nov 19 2013

Uncanny: Panoramic Picture Fails

Sometimes it’s fun to look at groups of photos with the same theme. Like dogs wearing hats, bad taxidermy, Egyptian vacation photos, and now people sucking at panoramic pictures. For anyone who just time traveled here from the 11th century, a panoramic picture is a photograph that is larger than a camera can take by …

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Sep 25 2013

Informative: Every State Sucks in its Own Way

Larger version here. We all know that every state is best at something. At least we hope so. Alaska is the biggest, Utah has the most national parks, Texas has the most state pride. But have you ever stopped to consider what each state was worst at? Well the folks at Policymic did. They’ve gone …

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Aug 14 2013

Even Bad Art Is Art

Remember last year when Spain’s Cecilia Gimenez tried to restore a fresco of Christ located in her local church? If not, welcome to the Internet, Google that one for hours of entertainment.┬áNow Giminez has her own art exhibit. This time she’s displaying paintings she created herself, nor masterpieces created by others that she took a …

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Jul 10 2013

Faith In Humanity Restored: Mexico New Fattest Country

Let me take this first line to immediately edit the title of this post. The words, “Faith in Humanity Restored,” here imply that all humanity is contained withing the United States, and let’s be honest, it is. With a 32.8 percent adult obesity rate, Mexico just inches past the 31.8 percent obesity rate in the …

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Jun 18 2013

Glad I’m Not From There: Miss Utah Fails

Beauty pageant contestants are not generally known for their brains, they usually rely on their other attributes to get through life. In fact it’s become quite common to see them stumbling through a pre-scripted answer to a question they were not asked. This time it was Miss Utah. Celebrity judge NeNe Leakes asked the 21-year-old …

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May 31 2013

Sand Timer Stop Light: Isn’t Going to Help

Between 5 and 7 days a week I have to deal with some of the worst drivers in the world. People that go out of their way to run over stuff in the road, whether it’s a tumble weed, or a pop can, or a pedestrian. Luckily though, some people out there are still trying …

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May 30 2013

How’d You Miss That? Pencil Lodged In Brain

Imagine you have some headaches and that your vision in one eye is really starting to go all crazy. You go to the doctor only to be told that the brain scans have come back showing a pencil lodged inside your head. Surprised? I have almost no idea how this would be news to you, …

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May 27 2013

Man Finds Action Comics #1, Inlaws Tear It.

While remodeling a home that David Gonzalez bought for $10,000 he found in the walls several old newspapers and an Action Comics #1. If you’re not aware that’s when Superman made his first appearance. Kind of a big deal. Instead of taking it directly to an auction house or a bank to put into a …

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