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Mar 04 2014

Now There’s a Temporary Solution: South Korea to Build Biodomes for Endangered Animals

If there has ever been a problem that could be solved by a huge feat of over-engineering and invading nature, it must be saving endangered animals. At least that’s South Korea’s take on the issue. The idea for the design by Seoul-based Samoo Architects & Engineers (SAMOO) is to blend the three-part compound harmoniously with …

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Feb 25 2014

So Many Feels: Harold Ramis Dies at 69

If you didn’t hear the sad news, Harold Ramis died yesterday from complications related to auto-immune inflammatory vasculitis. He’s been battling the disease for a while now and it finally won out. He was 69. If you don’t know who Ramis was then I task you with going to the video store and renting each …

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Feb 03 2014

So Many Feels: Wearable Book lets you Feel Characters’ Emotions

In the last book you read did you spend time wishing that you could really feel the emotions that the characters in the story felt? If you had to then you know that the author wasn’t doing their job sufficiently. It’s their job to make you feel the emotions. But if they can’t make yo …

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Jan 29 2014

Goodnight Moon Rover: Chinese Lunar Rover Says Goodnight

This is Yutu, the lunar rover portion of China’s Chang’e 3 spacecraft who was tasked with exploring around on the moon and performing experiments that can only be carried out there. I don’t know what those are either but that’s not the point. The point, and grab your box of tissues for this one, this …

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Jan 07 2014

Would Frolic Through: Bubble Clouds

I want Kohei Nawa who created this art installation to know how much it affects me. I can think of nothing I would rather do right now than to frolic through this room full of bubbles. I think I’d even be willing to wear the mandatory white frock required to enter the room. Created by …

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Dec 31 2013

This is Fascinating: Heat Maps of Emotion

We all know that when we’re angry we get hot on top and when we’re ashamed we blush and out ears get hot. But, did you know that depression and sadness actually make you colder? It’s no wonder I spend half my time at work either freezing with depression or burning with rage.That’s because stupid …

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Dec 05 2013

Microsoft is Making Bras Now

Not to be left out of the untold billions of dollars out there in future bra purchases, Microsoft is working on a smart bra. The bra uses sensors to determine a woman’s emotion and whether or not that emotion is likely to cause them to over eat. So far the tests are only being done …

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Oct 02 2013

So Many Feels: Firefighter Brings Kitten Back to Life

Cory Kalanick is a firefighter, a hero, and now an internet sensation because he wore a GoPro camera on his helmet and filmed himself saving a kitten. During a sweep of a house that had experienced a fire, Kalanick found a kitten expired on a bedroom floor. Kalanick quickly scooped up the kitten and carried …

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